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MovingQuotesMoving is rarely a peaceful endeavor, but it doesn't have to be overly stressful either. Once the new location has been determined, the next question becomes how to get everything and everyone over to the new place in once piece. Make one of your first stops the Post Office. There you will typically find a moving guide along with your change of address form. The change of address form will make sure all your mail gets to your new place, and the moving guide will typically have loads of coupons for supplies you will need.

Supplies will include more boxes than you think you need, packing tape, markers to label the boxes and packing material like newspaper and bubble wrap. The costliest item in this list is often the boxes, but that doesn't have to be the case. There are often coupons available for them and in larger communities people who have just moved will advertise their used boxes for free on online classifieds sites. Large amounts of new newspaper can often be bought in bulk from distributors or slightly read newspapers can be found at coffee shops. Just be sure to ask - it's polite and you're likely to get several days worth.

Pack room by room, labeling each box with the destination location, contents and shipping notes such as 'fragile', and if you are really into order, color coding the box by room. It takes a little more time up front, but unloading boxes into the right room becomes much easier! When packing the moving truck, you should keep rooms of boxes together as much as possible and also put them into the truck in the reverse order they need to be removed. So if the place you are moving to has the master bedroom at the rear of the house or apartment, you would load boxes belonging to the master bedroom into the truck last so that it could be moved into the space first. This way there's no stepping over already unloaded boxes to get boxes to the master bedroom.

While we're on the subject of safety, no matter how tempting it is to put a lot of books all into one box, don't. If moving safety is at all important to you, keep to a greater number of smaller-sized boxes or boxes made for that kind of load filled with books. Boxes used at office supply stores to hold paper are designed to hold that much weight and can often be obtained for free by simply asking. The smaller boxes will be easier on the back and will be much more stable during transport. If you have an extensive library of books, pack them into boxes roughly shelf by shelf so there is less chaos when it is time to put them back on the shelves.

There will be many questions that will truly depend on your on personal situation, such as should you do it yourself or hire movers? (Hiring movers can be costlier on the surface, but if you make sure you find one that's insured it might be worth it to have important or delicate items moved by professionals.) Regardless of the details of how you move the contents of your residence, be sure to pack suitcase as if you were going on a trip. Take everything you would normally need if you were to be away for several days, including all needed toiletries. You may not know where everything is at first, but knowing where your immediate needs are will help keep you sane during the unpacking process.


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