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Local Movers - Local Moving and Associated Costs

Local-MoversHave you ever had to make a local move? A local move is one that is normally less than one hundred miles from your current home, and one in which you move to a location that is within the state you already reside. The costs associated with a local move are dictated by many factors.

Some of these determinants are:

  1. How many movers will it take to move your belongings
  2. How much time it takes for the movers to pack your belongings in boxes and/or the moving vehicle and unpack at new home, and
  3. How long the drive is between residences. Some factors can be controlled by you to either increase or lower your costs.

How many movers it will take to move your belongings can be increased or decreased based on how much of it is packed up and how much is unpacked. Our company is a full-service storage and moving company. This means that you can finish your breakfast and walk out of the house and we will come in and pack it all up, load it up, and drive it to your new destination. However, that will cost you more than if you pack all your belongings up into manageable moving boxes before we arrive. The service provided is up to you. You determine the level of help you want. Furniture removal and placing at the new destination will also affect the costs. If we just deliver, there will be less cost than setting all of the furniture up in the new home. The number of movers it takes to do what you desire will be determined by how much you want done. The more you tell the professional moving and storage company prior to the actual move date, the better they will be able to provide you with a smooth move and the more accurate your cost estimates will be.

The costs associated with local moves are based on how many movers are needed, how long it takes to move your personal belongings from your home to the truck and off the truck into the new home, and the length of the drive to the new home.

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